Wand Massager Attachments to Relieve Motherly Pains

I am the mother of three rambunctious kids under the age of six. Having to keep up with those little buggers all day causes my body to ache by the time bedtime rolls around. That is why I started looking into the different magic wand attachments.

I was constantly aching from head to toe. My back, shoulders and neck hurt more than anything and I couldn’t ask my husband to give me a massage every night after he had worked ten hours himself. It got to the point where I could barely lift my oldest child up into bed at night and I knew that something had to change.

A friend of mine suggested that I look into the personal massagers and all of the attachments that come with them. She said that she had gone through the same thing when her twins were little and that it was the only thing that helped her get through the first several years.

The different attachments make it possible to reach areas of your back without putting anymore strain on muscles that are already stiff and sore. I found one that was designed to relieve the pain in my neck, one for my shoulders and even one for my lower calves.

Today, our bedtime routine includes me spending a half hour giving myself a wonderful massage to undo all of the knots and muscle aches that the day has caused. I give my kids their nightly baths, get them all settled into their beds and retreat to my own personal massage parlor where I utilize all of the attachments that I need to unwind.

Having the ability to undo the damage that these kids do to my body allows me to start each day fresh and ready to take on anything that they throw at me.

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