The Possibilities Are Endless with a Train Horn

When a friend of mine told me about Train Horns Unlimited! I never would have suspected that you could actually buy train horns. I mean, what would you need them for anyways?! But being the curious individual that I am I was quick to check out the site and even contacted Nathan, the owner or one of the sales rep I believe, who was able to hook me up with a rad deal on a horn for my truck. Now, I’m not much of a prankster or anything but I definitely began to see some possibilities that I could use this horn for.

I won’t lie; I was going to install it into my truck to see if I could scare people with it. I decided that the idea lacked finesse and I could definitely do better than that. Knowing how easily startled my brother is prone to being, I instead installed it into his car without telling him. Oh, man. Even just telling you guys about it makes me giddy all over again! I convinced him to go out with me to run some errands, knowing just how easily enraged he can be on the road and waiting the entire time we were in the car for him to finally hit the horn.

I almost died laughing when he did – literally! We were on in I-71 just cruising when some dude cut him off; it happens all the time to him! So as per usual he hit the horn but instead of the typical weak, car horn blast he got himself a huge dose of a train horn. Man, the look on his face when that sound blared out sending the car in front of him jerking was priceless. Of course he kind of freaked out too but luckily he didn’t lose control!

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