Still Working on the Paper Work

It is a complicated thing to get a house and we are still sort of working it out. A friend of mine told me about this great old guy he knows who has a little house that is about perfect for us. Obviously we do not need a big house and this one will not be much use if we have anything more than one small child. Right now I am trying to figure out what I need to do about home insurance, looking at this site called and thinking about what it means. It does not seem to be where I really need to be though and I guess that I need to keep looking for more incise information. If you never thought through this process the bank wants you to have home insurance before you can have the home, or at least before you can have a home loan. It is reasonable after you think about it from their position, because they want to get their money.

In fact I want to pay the bank too, because if I do not they will take the house back. They are thinking about the situation where the house is gone, which could be the result of an act of man or an act of God. If a big ol’ tornado comes along and flattens that house I am not going to feel like paying forty thousand dollars for a big hole in the ground where the house used to be. That is why you get insurance, but the bank is not worried about your problems and they just want that house loan to get paid back. I have to look at every thing that had to get done and figure out if we can pull it off, but it won’t be easy.

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