Some Help from a Brisbane Floor Sanding Company Restored These Old Floors

Timberoo Australian Timber Floor Specialist - Floor Sanding ...We pulled up some carpeting in a house my wife and I purchased that we were going to rent out to tenants. We were going to just put new carpeting back down on the floor. Underneath the old carpeting was a hardwood floor surface. It had been painted and was worn in spots. I knew that sanding it could restore its beauty. I called a brisbane floor sanding company to come out and take a look.

They gave me an estimate and got to work. I liked it that they used special sanders that pulled away the dust through a vacuum system. I also liked it that they paid special attention to the corners, the edges where the walls met the floor and at the doorways. There is a lot of detailed work in sanding if you want a smooth continuous surface.

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