Making Extra Money with Scrap Metals

I hate working for someone else. I did that for ten years, and I lost my job unexpectedly. Instead of going straight to work for someone else, I decided to look at my options for working for myself. I don’t have any degrees, but I didn’t let that stop me from starting my own collection of money making opportunities. One of them is because I saw what local scrap dealers are paying for scrap metal prices, and I knew that I had found at least one thing that I can do.

I approached a lot of the larger companies in the area about setting up recycling containers for their aluminum cans throughout their buildings. I pick them up on a regular basis free of charge, and then I take them to the recycling center that pays me the most money for whatever I happen to be bringing in that day. I make the majority of my money off of the aluminum cans that I collect, but some of the businesses also allow me to take other scrap metals that they want disposed of.

This works for them because it is not profitable to take just a small amount to the scrap yards for them, and they get it hauled away for free. They were paying another company to take their scrap away before, so my offer is too good to pass up for them. While each company might just give me a small amount of scrap metals, altogether it can add up to a lot of money each month. I do other things too, but sometimes I don’t have to exert a lot of effort because I always get the best prices thanks to the website that I use. That means some months are quite easy for me to make the money I need!

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