Just Got to Melbourne This Morning

I am going to combine a bit of business with pleasure on this trip, although I am not going to tell the boss about it. They apparently have me pegged as a prospect, although I do not think everyone in the top floor is totally convinced that I am executive material. However they keep throwing stuff at me and so far I have not fallen on my face. This week they have sent me to get some management training in melbourne, but I figured out that this is not going to be all that time consuming, so I brought along Emily and I am going to try to get my relationship back on track with her. Plain and simple she is jealous of the amount of time that I spend at work, even though she is happy to help me spend my pay check and knows that it is not my idea to work fifty hours per week at the office and bring work home most of the time.

So we are going to have a bit of time for ourselves when I am not in these seminars, and perhaps I might dodge a bit of it if it seems like I can do it without the word getting back to New South Wales and corporate Headquarters. It is not as though there is not plenty to do here in Melbourne and I have a friend who manages a really fancy restaurant, so we are going to have a huge night out tomorrow. It is going to be the whole thing and Emily just loves getting dolled up for a night out. She is really great to look at no matter what, but when she puts on that black dress it is hard not to think of the whole wedding bells thing.

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