I Had a Big Problem in My Bed

I am a pretty squeamish person when it comes to cleanliness. I spend time every single night after work making sure that my place is nice and clean. What surprised me was dealing with bed bug removal in Manhattan NY recently. Just a couple of months before I had spent a lot of time vacuuming my mattress, so it came out of left field to me. Every Saturday morning, I deep clean my apartment.

I think most of us have heard of what bed bugs are, but I personally had never seen them in person before. I was not even sure what they looked like. I thought they might look like fleas, but I was not sure. In reality, they are even smaller than a flea and incredibly hard to see. There is a common myth that only dirty and sloppy people have a problem with them. Hover, I’m here to say that they made their way into my apartment last month.

I figured out that I had a problem when I found myself waking up itching throughout the night. I wondered if I was having an allergic reaction to the new laundry soap that I had just purchased to try out. I immediately threw away the new box and bought something else. The problem continued. When the itching grew worse, I began noticing that I had bites around my ankles and on my arms. I knew then that it had to be bed bugs. Researching with the help of the Internet confirmed it. I learned quickly that you must get an expert in to assess the situation and to do the removal or you will find yourself with a new infestation in your place within only weeks after you assume they have all been killed and are gone for good.

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