How DirecTV is Beating out the Cable Competition

The battle between cable and satellite providers has been going on for quite some time, as they both claim to have advantages over the other and the general public never knows what to believe. All it takes is a short time with a company like DirecTV though and it will be quite clear that they offer the best packages and programming available on the market. Right now they are even running some specials that can save even more money, which makes it even more clear that they are winning the battle at right now.

Their monthly subscription fee is among the cheapest on the market, so it comes as a surprise to find out that they offer better service than much of the competition too. This does not just mean that they have more channels and crystal clear picture signal, but they also have amazing customer support. Obviously the ideal situation is for no customer to ever have a problem, but in the rare scenario that it does occur, having a great support team can make an invaluable difference. Even if the problem is something simple like wanting to change a plan or having a billing discrepancy, these guys will treat every caller with a professional and friendly attitude while doing their best to get quick results.

Of course, cable companies will try to counter these huge advantages with claims that satellite services are unreliable. This could not be further from the truth in the end though, because the only requirement for a clear signal is to have a line of sight to the sky. Obviously there are parts of the country where trees and other obstructions can present a problem, but this will be addressed before installation. In the end, customers of DirecTV often boast that they never have interruptions or signal loss, so they always catch those important moments on their television.

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