Had a Serious Problem with the Heating

It was a great thing for me that I knew a really good plumber in Essex county NJ who was willing to drop what he was doing and come to fix the heat at my place. Of course he is a mechanical contractor rather than the sort of plumber you usually call if you have a leak or you need to replace the toilet. So he can do all of the troubleshooting on heating and air conditioning systems. It was a good thing for me that he sort of owed me a favour. He was in trouble with his wife and I told her it was all my fault. Obviously it did not harm me if his wife was mad at me, I did not have to live with her. He had messed up, but I was thinking ahead. I figured that there was going to be some day I might need him to come help me out. He is the sort of guy you want to come too, because he is going to fix what you have wrong and he is not one of those guys who cheats you.

Lucky for me this was like a fifty cent part that needed to be taken out and replaced. The guy went out in to his truck and got around on his hands and knees with a flashlight. By pure chance he knew that he had one of these things I needed on that truck, but he had lost track of it. Apparently he had remembered dropping it and at the time it had not been important, of course the man is too busy. At any rate he found the thing and swapped it out in about ten minutes afters. Then he flipped the switch on and the two of us watched the end of a ball game.

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