Doing My Own Flowers for My Wedding

My fiancé and I are working on planning our wedding. We are hoping to get married in a little under three months before he has to leave to go on a training exercise for his job. He will be gone for six months and we knew we wanted to be married before then. We have a tight budget that we are working with and I am doing my best to do everything as affordably as possible. I do not want to have to pay for my wedding for the next ten years. I was searching for some diy wedding flowers ideas. I was able to find just what I was looking for on the first site that I looked at.

I could not believe how easily I came across this site. I thought that I was going to spend days looking for what I wanted. It was pretty great to find it so quickly, because then I was able to start getting prices for the flowers that I was going to use.

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