The Difficulty of Having Your Art Respected

When I first began to put my music on Reverb Nation, I struggled with finding any kind of foothold or audience to listen to what I had to offer. It was incredibly depressing for me as an artist – of course I am sensitive about my material and whether people are going to enjoy it or not. Just because I create something doesn’t mean I expect it to be good so I work hard to create something that is enjoyable for everyone. When a friend encouraged me to buy Reverbnation fans, I was shocked and insulted. Buy them?!

After musing over his suggestion (once I got over the insult), I realized what he was trying to say. Read the rest, dangit!

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Just Got to Melbourne This Morning

I am going to combine a bit of business with pleasure on this trip, although I am not going to tell the boss about it. They apparently have me pegged as a prospect, although I do not think everyone in the top floor is totally convinced that I am executive material. However they keep throwing stuff at me and so far I have not fallen on my face. This week they have sent me to get some management training in melbourne, but I figured out that this is not going to be all that time consuming, so I brought along Emily and I am going to try to get my relationship back on track with her. Read the rest, dangit!

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Still Working on the Paper Work

It is a complicated thing to get a house and we are still sort of working it out. A friend of mine told me about this great old guy he knows who has a little house that is about perfect for us. Obviously we do not need a big house and this one will not be much use if we have anything more than one small child. Right now I am trying to figure out what I need to do about home insurance, looking at this site called and thinking about what it means. It does not seem to be where I really need to be though and I guess that I need to keep looking for more incise information. Read the rest, dangit!

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