Best Auto Shops for Imported Cars

I have a nice BMW and I am going to need to get some repairs done on it in the near future. I have moved to Colorado Springs since I purchased the car, so I will not be able to take it back to the dealership in order to get it worked on. As such, I need to find a trustworthy shop to take a look at my car. I found this site for a company that is named “your import car doctor” and from the name alone, it sounds like they could be promising.

However, I am going to need to learn a bit more about the company before I am actually willing to take my car to them.

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My Employees Unanimously Chose to Wear Corporate Clothing

When I discovered the corporate clothing available, I decided to provide all of my employees with uniforms. The work around here varies from office workers to those who work in the field. However, a lot of those who work in the office need to do some product handling or field work at times. I gave everyone a choice between wearing their own clothes or switching to comfortable uniforms. We had a unanimous vote for uniforms.

This cut out the complaints of clothing being ruined. Invariably there will be a liquid product that is leaking and gets on an employees clothes. Some of the products can permanently stain fabrics even though it is harmless to skin. The uniforms are made tough, and I have a service company do all of the uniform laundry. They can get out the toughest stains.

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