Cleaning After a Major Party

While my roommate was out of town visitign his parents, I decided to have a party. A lot of people came, and we had a good time, but they trashed my house. There was food and drink left everywhere. The walls were stained, the floors were dirty, and the bathrooms were disgusting. I had to get the house cleaned by the time my roommate got back, or he would flip out. I looekd for house cleaning in Danbury CT and found a service that would take care of it.

The cleaning service got to work immediately. They asked me what happened to my house, and I told them about the party. To them it looked as if a tornado had come through the house. The service was able to clean the home in one day. I paid them extra since they did such a good job and worked hard to get everything back in order.

There is still one problem that I had to take care of, and I had to do it alone. There was a vase that was broken because someoen had knocked it over during the party. I tried to glue the pieces back together, but it still looked pretty obvious that someone had broken it, so I had to find a replacement.

I searched locally for a replacement at a big box store, but I wasn’t able to find anything that looked like it. I decided to look online and found an exact replacement for the vase. I ordered it using express shipping, and it came the next day, which was the same day my roommate came back from his parents house. I was able to get the vase in the mail before he got back to the house. I discarded the packaging and placed the vase without a trace.

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